Chatter Finish

Here are some photos from a kitchen we recently finished installed. This is a finish we don’t do often. It turned out beautifully.

Copper Coated Electrical Components

I am beginning  a new venture in the metal business.  The coating of electrical components.  The metal process that I use is non conductive tho it is real metal.  This gives liberty to do what normally one would not be able to do with metal.  I am opening a whole new line of bronze, copper, stainless steel and rusty iron switches.  These things are really neat.  I will post a few pics tonight and will put more on later.


The following photos show a bed produced by Kropf Craft Cabinets in the last month.  Actully it was not just  bed it was a matching bedroom set.  A head board, a dresser and 2 night stands.  I finished it off by coating the posts on the bed with rusty iron.  We also placed accents on the dresser and night stands.  Check it out!


THIS POST EXHIBITS A SET OF BEAUTIFUL BOWLS TURNED OUT BY MY NEPHEWS.  It is quite a deal process to watch them from start to finish. First they look on the firewood pile or in dead trees for the right piece of wood.  It can be  cotton wood tree, a mesquite tree or even an iron wood tree.  Crotches,  diseased parts of the tree and places where many branches came out of one place create beautiful burls that are really really neat.  It is often difficult to produce these bowls and even down right dangerous.  Often times they will fly to pieces as they are being turned and you ‘ve got to make sure your head is out of the way.  Check out the following pictures. If you are interested in purchasing any of them shoot me an email.

Notice the natural proclivities of the wood.  They leave the cracks, the knots and even the natural edge on the top in place as much as possible.  There are some beautiful colors here.


These bowls are made out of a variety of wood:  It may be a beryl from a Palo Verde,  or a former  wound from mistletoe in a mesquite tree that produces all kinds of swirls.  There is cottonwood, Pepper Tree wood, Acacia wood and yes, even wood from an olive tree. Enjoy looking and if you see one you  like inquire by email as to the size and price.




Here are 2 front doors that Kropf Craft has hand crafted in the last number of years.  We enjoy building these doors but we are careful to choose doors that are in locations that are not exposed to the elements.  It is very difficult to impossible  to maintain a nice finish on  a door with a lacquer or poly eurothane finish in the desert southwest if it is exposed to the Arizona sun, or seasonal rain.  One of the things we have chosen to do with doors that are exposed is to coat it with several coats of Watco oil and Watco wax.  Ffinishing a door in this way it makes it easy to simply go out every 6 months and apply a few coats of oil.  It does not dry up and crack as does a lacquer or eurothane finish and it is easy to maintain for  those who lack the expertise in finishing.  It is a do it yourself job that anyone can do.  If maintained regularly your door will continue to look exactly the same as it did the day you put it in with little effort.